• I want to go running in the cold cold rain. I want to go running in the cold cold rain. I WANT to go running in the cold cold rain… #
  • And now it's snowing and sleeting simultaneously. Tomorrow looks like a GREAT day for a run. #
  • Nothing is more infuriating: send a carefully thought out opinion letter, get back a perfunctory form letter. Why both to invite opinion? #
  • I just ran eight miles and my eyelashes froze. #
  • DS19 home from UVA, I wrote two really good pages today (I think), expecting snow tomorrow, I have a fresh bag of Cape Cod chips. All good. #
  • Am I the only person who wants to hear what Roger Waters REALLY thinks about Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros? #
  • Getting ready for an exciting morning of writing about the Koshots and Dzungars. #
  • Ah, snow, there you are! #
  • It's sooo grey today. #
  • New family rule: No breaking the furniture after 9 PM. (DS19 is home for Christmas = three teenaged boys over 6 feet in one house.) #

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