• If you watch the World Series of Poker…Why? I mean, seriously, I'm not trying to be all snobby. But WHY?? #
  • Sometimes you just have to greet a beautiful sunrise, fresh air, and chirping birds with a resounding BLEAARRGGH. #
  • Singing Praetorius with neighbours tonight. #
  • Wind in the trees behind my office sounds like a massive tidal wave sweeping towards me. Makes it a little hard to concentrate on the Yuan. #
  • This historian has just used the word "recrudescence" twice in the same chapter. It's a word you can only use once. If that. #
  • DS17 shopping for trashcans. The "Share//Trash" can, "inspired by social networks like Facebook," compares trash disposal w/friends. Huh?? #
  • "Bomb Proof Trash Can" designed for minimal damage if "a terrorist places a bomb in it." Presumably this terrorist lives in your room. #
  • "Hard Drive Trash Can" is a combination trash can and 250 GB backup hard drive. Because that's where you'd want to store your data. #
  • Final quote from trash can shopping site: "Nothing says sophistication like a Medieval Helmet Trash Can." #
  • Christmas parade plus Grand Illumination plus football game: there are a lot of people in town. Couldn't we spread this stuff out a bit? #
  • "Unlike the novel every part of the short story is short." For $35, you too can buy this paper online and turn it in as your own. #
  • SNOW!!! Not lots of it but SNOW!!!! #

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