• In Athens; just spent the evening climbing around Mars Hill. #
  • Just back from swimming in the Aegean. I could see my TOES on the bottom. Not like Virginia swimming, where all you can see is the mud. #
  • Someone is listening to very loud Greek rap on the street right outside our apartment. NOT better than the American variety. #
  • Windy and dry in Athens; clouds of dust spinning on red ground, flocks of swallows high, high up. #
  • In Athens airport, waiting for flight to Charles de Gaulle. Security was like a mosh pit. #
  • It's raining in Paris. #
  • Despite Pete's well-washed passport, French immigration has allowed us to leave the country. Hope the U.S. decides to let him back in. #
  • Pete has been readmitted to the US, tattered & mutilated passport notwithstanding. #
  • Lo, it is harder to get out of DC on I95 on a Friday afternoon than to get thru Paris immigration with a mutilated passport. #
  • Home; kissed the kids, gave out presents, patted the dog, marvelled at the heat (and not in a good way). #

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  • Grace

    I was just cruising around The Well Trained Mind blog and somehow ended up here. I see you just returned from a very awesome trip! My husband and I will be traveling to Europe next month. We are taking 5 of our children. It’s been a fun start of the school year preparing/planning for the trip. We will be in Spain, France (Paris only), and Italy. Wish us luck! Threading the needle for trains and planes will be a trick to say the least.


  • Delbra

    So glad you made it back in with the well-washed passport. Microwaved ones are even trickier. Do not ask. Welcome home!

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