• DD9: "When I pretend I'm a superhero I'm not wearing one of those bikini things. I pretend I've got a super T-shirt & shorts." You go, girl. #
  • Sang Latin rounds with Peace Hill choir last night. Still humming. "Da pacem cordium" is a real mindworm. #
  • Title in "How to Scan" manual for my new IRIScan device on color mode: "Let The Bad Color Not Be Seen." Tee hee. #
  • If you've been in my car recently…did you lose a cell phone? Having trouble tracking this found phone down & the battery's dead. #
  • Weird Al does his best to save Western civilization: http://tinyurl.com/28t7osg. #
  • Doing fourteenth-century history this morning. Flaying is a really bad way to go. #
  • Three digit temps predicted for whole weekend. Want to hunker down in air conditioning and watch TV and never go outside again. #
  • Red-winged blackbirds in the sunflower field this morning: swirl of red, black, yellow and green, as if Monet decided to paint Charles City. #

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