• Kids are in the pool. It feels like glacial runoff in there, but they don't seem to mind. #
  • Would be posting more status updates if anything even slightly interesting were happening here. #
  • Currently being tormented by emotionally needy border collie. #
  • Wed nights: American Idol double feature w/husband after two long days. Conclusion after first 10 minutes: Harry Connick Jr. is an idiot. #
  • Second AI update: Kara's an idiot too. I sense a theme emerging. #
  • No one over the age of fifteen should use the word "bro." #
  • "The more obscure your references are, the more personal it is to the audience." Hang on a sec, I need my thesaurus (and grammar handbook). #
  • I so wish someone with some musical intelligence would define "self-indulgent." And "losing yourself." Oh, can we add "relevant" to that? #
  • I really think Randy Jackson has, er, had his mind expanded a bit too often. #
  • Confession time: I don't get this whole Sinatra thing. I'm too young or too culturally illiterate or too Baptist or something. #
  • AI Results show now. "Music has to be truthful. That's what this show is about." OH. How on earth did I miss that? #
  • Please don't ask Simon what he FEELS. I'm begging you. #
  • What in the name of all that is SACRED are all those backup dancers DOING? #
  • I am a very old person. #
  • Feeling the need to go find some Greek or Latin and read it now. #
  • Ahem. All you out there. Yes, you should TOTALLY read Anna Karenina instead of watching TV. WOO HOO, AARON is GONE. #
  • I get to write today!! #
  • Learned all about the Battle of Meloria today. Six hours ago I didn't know it had ever happened. I love writing history. #
  • Long day of kid-wrangling and appointments, ending up with…proofreading. Ice cream would be better. #
  • A cloud of tiny bright yellow birds just darted past my window, wheeled around and hovered there, then spun apart. #
  • DS13 is making a distiller out of aluminum foil, jars, ice, saucepan. (Science experiment, not commercial enterprise.) #
  • Almost done writing for the afternoon. Many words written; many fewer saved. #

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  • Anne in Saskatchewan

    Well, I’m about your age, and culturally illiterate, and Francis Albert is my one true love. So it must be the Baptist thing – ’cause I’m not. 🙂

  • Ellen

    Loved the “music has to be truthful” quote. At least the producers, et al have an idea what the show is actually about. I feel better now.

  • Sarah

    There is nothing I enjoy more than turning on some Sinatra, cooking a great meal and enjoying a glass of red wine. I don’t think this is an age thing, because I liked to do this during my college years as well. So I concur with Anne, it must be a Baptist thing:) Old blue eyes just has it and always will.

  • Deb Wolfe

    I found myself agreeing with every single AI comment AND enjoying them immensely. THANKS for making me smile. And I’m NOT a Baptist.

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