• Turned horses out in (unfenced) front field this morning to eat spring grass. They haven't lifted their heads/moved more than 15 ft so far. #
  • Packing up for sales conference. #
  • In New York. Beautiful clear cool day. Great for walking around the city. Or, alternately, for staying in pajamas and writing all day. #
  • Dinner tonight at La Grenouille (http://www.la-grenouille.com/). Long ways from the farm. Strong feeling of visiting from an alien planet. #
  • Getting ready to go down to Cornell Club and present new Peace Hill Press books to Norton reps. Am wishing I had different shoes with me. #
  • Just finished sales presentation while wearing original shoes. Went pretty well anyway. #
  • Up early, working on grammar for middle-grade writers. #
  • I forgot how much I hate the Delta terminal at LaGuardia. Just wiped some else's lipstick off my glass at Sports Bar (only place to sit). #
  • It's warm in Virginia, the azaleas are blooming, the pony is playing tag with the German shepherd, the kids are sitting on the roof singing. #
  • Promised kids a family day. Braving Busch Gardens for the first time this year. #
  • We survived the Old Country. #
  • Up in the middle of the night catching beagles. (Nothing sounds more unearthly than an agitated beagle in the 2 AM darkness.) #

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  • Julana

    Our poor beagle is wearing a cone on her to protect an infected eye.

  • Christina

    It seems that the grossness cannot be avoided, no matter where you go. I found myself scraping dog poop off the step up into our van on Saturday after my daughter’s soccer game at the YMCA! I don’t know what I think is worse…the lipstick or the poop.
    My kids would like to be on the roof singing! You are a fun mom.

  • susan t

    Roof sitting IS fun… except when you live in small town, on main highway and neighbors feel the need to stop and tell you that your offspring are out on the porch roof… and (gasp!) it IS a school day….

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