• Wind is HOWLING outside third-story windows. Must think of better verb for March. Bellowing, blustering, swaggering, sweeping, vociferating? #
  • It is a Very Rainy Day on the hundred-acre farm. #
  • Heading out for a soggy run. Seems like I've had a lot of soggy runs recently. #
  • The soggy run was only the beginning. Have been sprinting (metaphorically) all day. But at least it's dry now. #
  • Up at 5 AM to work. Clear dark sky straight overhead; morning stars; huge bright moon on horizon all wrapped up in shreds of white cloud. #
  • Two unexped ER visits in two weeks, following on twenty years of NO need for the ER at all. Guess we had it coming. #
  • That's UNEXPECTED, of course. Sheesh. #
  • DS16 has a new drum set. Guess how I know? #
  • Working on the Good Friday music. Glad Ralph Vaughan Williams decided to harmonize some hymns in spite of his "cheerful agnosticism." #
  • Just made the most gorgeous cracked black pepper linguine, to be eaten with spicy sausage sauce tonight. Ridiculously pleased w/myself. #
  • Going to be churchwomanly today and cut flowers for Easter with @melpmoore. #
  • Working on the Maritime Republics of Italy this morning, with my office door open to spring. #
  • Flowers for Virginia Easter: forsythia, crab apple and peach blossoms. NOT lilies. #
  • Have I ever mentioned how much I hate PowerPoint? Oh, I have? Well, I have more to say. #
  • Rise heart; thy Lord is risen. Sing his praise/Without delayes/Who takes thee by the hand, that thou likewise/With him mayst rise! #
  • News flash: not all of these Cadbury Mini-Eggs are gonna make it into the baskets. #
  • Must stop stealing Cadbury Mini-Eggs from DD9 when she's not looking. #

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