• Watching closing ceremonies; glad that corruption and tyranny didn't permanently deprive Russia of that heartbreaking national anthem. #
  • Er. Well, closing ceremonies demonstrate that Canadians are just as good at tackiness as we Americans are. #
  • Maybe even better. #
  • Planning family day: horseback riding, cookie-eating, game-playing, room-cleaning. One of these things is not like the other. #
  • At noon today I'll be talking about public confession on WHRV's Hearsay: http://www.hearsay.org/. #
  • You can listen to Hearsay's broadcast today here: http://hearsay.org/post/Tuesday-March-2.aspx #
  • I have a fresh cold. WAAHH. #
  • Sauteeing lots and lots of garlic. Good for repelling colds (and other life-sucking dangers). #
  • Have to go in to W&M for pre-midterm student appointments (four hours worth). I will probably sneeze on them (actually, kind of karmic). #
  • Four hours of student appointments OVER. Dragging my plague-ridden self home through cold rainy streets. Need remote control, blankets, tea. #
  • DH is at College Park watching MD play Duke. I am seriously worried. This is tough for an aging man… #
  • Heading off the grid to write and blow my nose. #
  • Constructing a writing curriculum: no problem. Providing parents with a rubric to grade the writing: excruciatingly difficult. #
  • Ooh, I have new kitchen toys. Ravioli mold, pasta rack, potato ricer, stock pot. #
  • DH and I are collapsed tonight & watching four nights' worth of American Idol. This year's contestants are, er, idiots. #
  • Appreciating Thomas Kane's writing classification (exposition, description, persuasion, entertainment), but what kinds of writing don't fit? #
  • Spring colds should have their own disease name. Like "Rhinovirus Horrendous Eternalis." Or "Coronavirus Hacknspittius Despairius." #
  • Have totally lost voice & am forced to communicate w/children w/facial expressions & frantic hand gestures. Guess how THAT'S working for me. #
  • My mother just brought me a referee's whistle. Best get-well present EVER. #

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  • Christine

    At least your keeping your humor through it.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  • Dora

    I have to blow my nose what seems to be every five seconds. My cold started about three days ago….Oh, No! Is Spring here? I think I could have Rhinovirus Horrendous Eternalis or perhaps Coronavirus Hacknspittius Despairius! I MUST to tell my husband. Maybe I’ll get some sympathy.

    Take Care.

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