• DS18 has arrived safely at Phalaborwa. (Huge sigh of relief.) #
  • DS18 texts: "Have been pooped on by monkey, bitten twice, put hand in strange white goo, best day ever." He's at http://www.primate-sa.org/. #
  • Just got the first author's copy of the History of the Medieval World from Norton. Soo….pretty…. #
  • DS16 and DS13 are doing after-breakfast Latin, DD9 is eating oatmeal. As she has been. For the last forty-five minutes. Same bowl. #
  • Preparing to teach first class of spring semester at W&M. Suddenly think: I have 18yo. I am LITERALLY old enough to be my students' mother. #
  • Heading off the grid to investigate the life of Pratap Singh of Mewar. #
  • Back on the grid. Sheesh, work is complicated. Might head off the grid again and breathe very deeply. #
  • Cooking lessons. DS13: baking peanutbutter shortbread. DD9: carrot/apple/oat horse treats. Me: caramelizing carrots & onions for pea soup. #
  • I am writing catalog copy. I HATE WRITING CATALOG COPY. It makes my frontal lobes hurt. #
  • Ooh, a shout-out (kind of) from the New Yorker: http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/books/2010/01/readers-best-friend.html #
  • DS18 called from South Africa. He's feeding bugs to bushbabies & frozen rats to giant owls & a baby monkey called Heidi thinks he's Mom. #
  • Can't find a place to grab a bite mid-research. Why are there so many people in Williamsburg tonight? It's January, for crying out loud. #
  • That was a long day. Kids and farmwork all morning, research in the history of Renaissance-era Central Asia all afternoon & most of evening. #
  • Look! It's Sunday morning and it's NOT raining! #
  • Sundays are not rest days. 🙂 #

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  • Mary Marsell-Farrell

    Being bitten by a monkey is a unique experience. I will never forget when that “too nice to bite,” very very cute monkey in the pet store took advantage of my naivete and good will toward him despite the shopkeeper’s early warning about the biting monkey. I was 6 or 7 and knew better, of course. My finger, however, proved me VERY wrong.
    I love reading about all of your family’s adventures. Best wishes for a wonderful 2010!

  • Linda

    I’ve neer been bitten by a monkey, but by the end of our time in Africa we found them to be enormous pests! They stole food, had no fear of humans, and required calling security to evict from a hotel room when they found their way in. I admit, they have lost the cuteness factor in our family.

    Question: Will you be releaseing a audio version of “History of the Ancient World”? It would be a blessing for a teenage dyxlexic.

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