• On a plane to New Orleans. Spoiled by JetBlue, can't believe how tiny USAir legspace is.. #
  • Getting ready to eat crawfish etouffee on Chartres. #
  • Apparently my husband has never eaten REAL pecan pie before. #
  • New Orleans really not prepared for 28 degree weather. Restaurant door won't stay closed, waiters all in sweatshirts. #
  • Eating sweet potato and andouille sausage soup on Royal Street. #
  • Doing my best to support the recovering New Orleans economy. #
  • Sitting in the Community Coffee House on Royal Street, watching the gaslights flicker all down the dark streetfront. #
  • Kind of got almost warm in New Orleans today. Just briefly. #
  • OK, now it's cold again. And raining. Crawfish etouffee is definitely called for. #
  • Ran down to Esplanade this morning, around the edge of the French Quarter, back down Dauphine. Very chilly-looking New Orleansers out there. #
  • Eating beignets. #
  • Heading home now. Ready to see the kids (and I here there's snow in Virginia). #
  • Hey, YOU try updating your status via teeny-tiny Blackberry keyboard in airport and see what happens! INDIGNANT SNIFF/spelling correction. #
  • Oh, USAir:if you pack us in like veal, deprive us of food, and subject us to hard-sell for your credit card, we will NOT "enjoy the flight." #
  • Doing cross-stitch I bought on Jackson Square w/DD9. She is vaguely interested. #
  • DD9 is painting the dog's toenails. I think she needs a little more playtime with girls. #
  • Just faced down truck in dark field across lane, expecting to find delinquents who've been doing donuts. In truck: cousin on same errand. #
  • Beginning of DS18's last week at home before he departs for seven months of volunteer work in South Africa, India, Australia. #
  • So everyone at church said goodbye to DS18 (this was his last Sunday) and I bawled like a baby. A big weeping baby. 🙁 #

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  • Nancy in Canada

    I don’t even know you and I’m weeping with you! My son’s not going away (that I’m aware of), but what is it with those first sons? Bless you!

  • Nancy in Canada

    P.S.There’s a three hour time difference that the computer isn’t showing…I’m not typing at 2:15am..this time.

  • Heather

    My oldest ds is nine 1/2 … what struck me most about him turning nine was that half of my time with him was already gone.

    {Hugs} to you as your oldest leaves the nest.

  • Krista

    Love that you’re eating so much Crawfish etouffee. 🙂 A friend of mine is trying to perfect his recipe and keeps using us as guinea pigs. I love it! 🙂

  • Sarah

    I love that someone else likes to eat their way through a city as much as I do. For our 5th Anniversary we visited Charleston and I was mostly interested in the food and a few historic sites for good measure.

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