• And…the voice is gone. Time to crack out the referee's whistle. #
  • According to doctor I had flu, not cold, and now have post-flu-complication. At least can rule out middle age as cause of lingering malaise. #
  • Oldest son's first college application finished & heading out the door. (Wake Forest: keep your eyes open!) Feels like a big milestone. #
  • I will never stop coughing, it will never stop raining. Feel like the love child of Mimi and Noah. #
  • Let's play Finish the Lyric! "Gloom, despair, and agony on me/Deep dark depression, excessive misery/If it weren't for–" Your turn! #
  • Wow. Way, way too many of you remember Hee-Haw. #
  • Tree's up! #
  • DS18: "Some little sisters build dollhouses with their blocks. Mine is building a block enemy that she can skewer with her spear." #
  • Voice still gone. But if I whisper at the kids, they all start whispering back like soundtrack of creepy horror film. #
  • DS18 is decorating Christmas gingerbread men to look like zombies. Er… #
  • Cannot…possibly…stay in bed…one more day. Life must go on. #
  • Look! The outside world! #
  • Darn. It's dark and cold out there at 6:38 AM. #
  • Now that I'm done discovering new obscure kingdoms in India, I'm on to discovering them in southeastern Asia. Lots of them. Very obscure. #

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  • Alan

    “…bad luck, I’d have no luck at all! Gloom, despair…”
    Been there…

  • Laura

    the comment about the enemy made of blocks reminded me to tell you that my daughters were playing “Viking and French lady” the other day. They either got into their grandmother’s romance novels or they are halfway through SOTW Volume II! We didn’t think we could love the Middle Ages as much as the Ancients but we really do.

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