• Aftermath of Dan's birthday: Marathon sessions of Plants Vs. Zombies. (Actually, very entertaining…) #
  • Heading off the grid for family day. #
  • 1. Ancient hen stops laying and meets Maker. 2. German shepherd finds 3-day-dead hen and ROLLS on it. 3. Shepherd snuggles w/kids. 4. EWWWW. #
  • Investigating renaissance-era Hindu sects at 5 AM on a rainy morning. #
  • DH is making chocolate pancakes, DD9 doing spelling, DS16 reading chemistry text, DS13 went out to feed chickens & has never returned. #
  • German shepherd is heading for the vet to get (ahem) tutored. #
  • Reading Eaton's Rise of Islam and the Bengal Frontier, 1204-1760, remembering the words of Barbara Tuchman: Research is endlessly seductive. #
  • Searching Columbia U. Libraries online catalog: if it can't find a book, it projects YOUR SEARCH FAILED! in big red letters. So unfriendly. #
  • I hate it when the only available copy of a book is in the National Library of Israel in Jerusalem. Kind of hard to consult it. #
  • Oh, wait, there's a copy in the Netherlands too! Well, that's better… #
  • Just finished running the manure spreader. I'm sure someone has a comment. #
  • Too…much…candy… #
  • Seems like it rains on Sunday more often than on any other day of the week. Maybe because I have to carry stuff to church on wet Sundays. #

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  • Joshua Duncan

    Hey, at least the message from the Columbia U Library doesn’t say, “PWNED!”

    THAT would be unfriendly..

  • Linda

    Ohhhh…I’ll return to Israel to consult the book for you! It doesn’t take much to convince me to plan a trip home.

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