• Writing this morning so family day/state fair can happen on Thursday. Don't wanna write on a Monday. Wanna drink coffee & stare into space. #
  • Thinking that "From the Creation of the Jin Empire to the Peace of Westphalia" is not such a catchy subtitle. #
  • DS16 doing laundry and Latin, DS12 reading about Einstein, DD8 cuddling dog. She's going to smell interesting at the dinner table. #
  • What happen when you make banana pudding with chocolate cookies instead of vanilla wafers? #
  • Up and writing eaaarrrly. (Did you know that the northern Deccan Yadavas struggled w/the Hoysalas of Mysore and the Kakatiyas of Andhra?) #
  • Feel I should reassure readers that there will also be plenty of exciting & accessible assassination/swordplay/heretic-burning in Vol. 3… #
  • At State Fair. Watched sheepdog trials, ate a fried Snickers bar. #
  • Amazing Giant Horse that we all paid $1 to see is Belgian draft. Looks much like Belgian draft in my own pasture. Phooey. #
  • Yep, that's what fried Oreos need–powdered sugar on top. #
  • I think we need sheep on the farm. #
  • Yesterday: 9 hours of walking while hauling huge bag of everyone's stuff while they rode Coaster of Death et al. This morning: OWWW. #
  • Caramelizing onions. Mmm. #
  • Just wrote some darned good flap copy… #
  • Eating breakfast at Five Forks Cafe. So is a very large man in a kilt. #
  • Swiss chard, cheddar and bacon pie for dinner… #
  • A philosophical question, really: Is it possible for two teenage boys to pass within arm's reach without punching each other? #
  • This morning's services left me with an insatiable craving for Sour Patch Kid (a phenomenon not explained in the letters of Paul…) #

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  • Keeley

    I just love your twitter updates. I suppose I should actually follow you on twitter at some point.

    Did you rise up and call your son blessed for doing the laundry? I feel like that every time my son does his.

    How can you go wrong with fried snickers and oreos?

    I fell in love with deep fried oreos after sampling them for the first time at the TN state fair last year. Loved them so much I learned how to make them at home. Made them so often my husband banned me from making them again as the entire family started to roll rather than walk. =D

    Are you getting sheep on your farm? And why do you need them? Because it’s amazing therapy saying “Baaaaaa” to them?

    YAY for nine hours of walking whilst hauling a huge bag ‘o’ stuff. =) That means you won’t gain weight from the oreos and snickers.

    There’s not many things that smell as good as caramelized onions.

    An answer to your philosophical question: Not sure, but I’m imagining it’s possible if they substitute a flick, kick, maul or strangle for the punch???

    Did you get your sour patch kid stuff?

  • Christine

    Philosophical question answer:

    I do not believe so.

    Have also seen said teens divert from original course to pop sibling, generally resulting in an all out brawl, which somehow also pulls in younger siblings, the dog, and, if he’s home, the husband.

  • I am considering opening a Twitter account just so that I can follow your updates. Ok, yours and June Cleaver After A Six-Pack and maybe LL Cool J’s.

    So you’d be in good company, right?


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