• Local restaurant w/friends tonight. Chatty server: takes order, tells me about TV show where character orders same, forgets order. Repeats. #
  • Family day = Settlers of Catan grudge rematch. #
  • Hmm. Settlers of Catan grudge rematch didn't turn out quite as planned. Neither did the re-rematch. #
  • DD8 doing massive art project, DS15 reading history, DS12 MIA (wandered out to feed chickens an hour ago…) #
  • Man. Puppy vaccinations cost WAY more than kid vaccinations. And I didn't have to get rabies tags for the kids…although… #
  • Interview this morning at 9:10 central time, 1470 WMBD Radio, Illinois. #
  • Hmm. Apparently no interview. Guess I can eat my peanut butter toast now. #
  • Producer just emailed. They had wrong phone number. Publicity is SO much fun. #
  • So now interview is at 9:40 central. #
  • You can listen live at http://www.1470wmbd.com/pages/3343238.php. (Interview's only going to last ten minutes, so don't strain yourself–) #
  • And back to our regularly scheduled programming: vacuuming, Latin, galley-reading, lunch. #
  • Making pie-sized birthday choc chip cookie for DS17, who will become DS18 while away working as camp counselor in different state. Sniff. #
  • Turning off email and browser to write. #
  • Reader informs me that phone # in TWTM is not correct for state education group, instead offers callers…something else entirely. AGGHH. #
  • Today's agenda: Eat bacon. Read. Nap. Ride. Nap. Reflect and write. Nap… #
  • That was a GREAT day. Diet starts tomorrow. 🙂 #
  • Oh, that's right, this is how summer is SUPPOSED to feel. Standing in the shade and melting with damp heat. Ick. #

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  • Christine

    Yes, this summer was terribly nice till yesterday. . .

  • Jennifer King

    You are too funny, Susan! I like your sense of humor.

  • Keeley

    So glad I re-found your blog. =) V. entertaining read….love your twitter updates especially.

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