• Family day today: going off the grid PLUS taking all four dogs to the vet. What fun. #
  • Annual trek to vet over. White mutt: healthy. Beagle #1: bad knees. Beagle #2: hyperthyroid. Puppy: shy testicle now present. Cost: $582. #
  • Did STUFF all morning. Nothing creative or interesting or even particularly productive. Just lots of little bits of STUFF. #
  • Finishing up the afternoon’s work: DD8 playing piano, DS12 doing art project, DS15 dissecting cricket, DS17 puzzled by irony. #
  • No wonder DS17 is having trouble with irony-these examples are HARD. I have no idea what the right answer is. Yes, I’m an English professor. #
  • Just did predicate nominatives with DS15 AGAIN. I think he’s got it, by George I think he’s got it! (Time will tell.) #
  • Listening to Dave Matthews while I write. Must stop correcting grammar of lyrics in head. #
  • I love DMB. Always write great stuff while listening. Can’t help it: WHY NOT write “Lover Lie Down”??? #
  • Reading Stephen Fry. Nothing, even home ed, shields children from that sense of not-belonging; horrible yet also the matrix of creativity. #
  • Heading off the grid to write. Ruthlessly ignoring undone emails/bills/laundry/random tasks. Quite sure they’ll still be there tomorrow. #
  • Copyedited ms of The History of the Medieval World has floated back to me, via UPS. Like a limp gigantic jellyfish on an incoming tide. #
  • DS15 has mouse and MacBook in room. Mouse chews thru MacBook cord. Large crackle and flash. Alas, poor mouse (cord’s not so great either). #
  • At Reagan, heading to Seattle. Randy Jackson is sitting three seats over at next gate. Tempted to start conversation to test vocab range. #
  • I don’t know why everybody talks about rain in Seattle. It’s always sunny when I’m here. #
  • Halfway up Little Si hiking trail, going at over 40/under 10 pace, may even reach the top at some point. #
  • Hey, that over-40 pace was pretty impressive. We’re at the top and DD8 has eaten all the chocolate. #

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  • Janice in NJ

    “No wonder DS17 is having trouble with irony-these examples are HARD.”

    Hmmm…. want the pdf answer key? If it would help, I know someone over at Norton….. 🙂


  • Colleen

    I love DMB! I excuse his poor grammar due to the fact that he was raised in South Africa and Holland..I’m sure that’s a good excuse, right? Plus, he’s the best at making just about any topic classy: Lover Lay Down, Crash, Say Goodbye…

    Having both of those testicles in the proper place will make Puppy’s neuter much easier… 🙂

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