Reading your editor’s handwriting.


At least everyone is done throwing up. (How’s that for inviting the universe to smack you one?)
If I can get these revisions done by tonight, I can put the manuscript in the mail tomorrow and it’ll arrive at Norton on Monday when I do. Otherwise I’ve got to put it in my carry-on when I fly up Sunday night (I never check bags if I can help it), and then I’ll have room for the manuscript, one pair of clean underwear, and not a lot else. Certainly not the shoes I bought JUST to wear in New York.

Time to get back to work. But in close, here’s something you DON’T want to see your editor write in the margin:

Yes, it says ARGGH. Definitely need to work on that page.

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  • Yvonne

    Wow!! Looks like your editor can print in cuneiform! How fun! You really live and breathe history, don’t you!

  • Kolbi

    Oh no! I can’t read it!! ARGGH!!

  • Pat H

    Clearly, his comments are code. The question is do you need some sort of computer software to decode the messages or is there a secret decoder ring hidden in a box of Cracker Jacks lost on a FedEx truck somewhere in Virgina?

    Oh my, I do feel for you. The new dark chocolate m & m’s are very good and may ease your pain. I highly recommend chocolate at this stage of the process. Possibly chocolate covered coffee beans. But, you may want to save that in case further revisions are requested.

    Pat H

  • Janice in NJ

    Here’s hoping you can finish in time!!!!

    Give a holler if you are bored Sunday night and want to do dinner in the city. Hmmm… unless you feel like lounging in your hotel room and staring at the blinking-box and sleeping… and clicking and sleeping… and gazing and dozing some more. 🙂

  • Colleen

    Clearly, the esteemed editor drank a fifth of Glenfiddich prior to editing these particular pages. I myself find history makes more sense after a drink.:-) Just kidding…sorta…

    Susan, you go, girl!


  • Mindy

    Note to self: Do not write “Arggh!” on children’s narration.

    Note to Susan: Take the shoes!!!

  • Janice in NJ

    SO??? Did you finish or are you going to have to wear your new shoes on the plane? 🙂

  • Melora

    Not quite sure what was aargh-worthy in your text, but I expect you do. I imagine that “New York shoes” are pointy and uncomfortable (but oh, so stylish!)? I hope your meeting goes well!

  • Dan Carollo

    Need any photos of ancient Ireland? (Celtic crosses, etc.)?
    I have an online gallery of royalty-free images on Just click “Search” and search by Photographer: “Dan Carollo”. Contact me if you’re interested. They’re pretty cheap (and I might even just do a trade — like a copy of your book!)

  • Susan


    thanks for pointing me to this site, which I hadn’t seen before. Some of your images of Ireland might do very well for my next volume, which is medieval history. I’ve bookmarked it.

  • Dan Carollo

    Feel free to contact me directly (click my link on my name for contact info) when you’re ready. I’ve got numerous of other photos in my collection not posted here (Rock of Cashel, Gallurus Oratory, several well-known celtic crosses, monasteries some ancient beehive huts in the west of Ireland, etc.). I will be happy to send a CD of royalty-free images if you want. Most of these (especially the ruins) also work very well in black-and-white.

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