In Frisco, NC this week with the kids. And here’s my favorite pic of the week…

Good to know. In case I run out of my own.

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  • Brian

    Pretty funny. I didn’t see any “Buy one, get one at half off” promotions. Maybe next week. 😉

  • Dawn

    This is just funny on so many levels…;) Thanks for sharing….hahaha…. If this was a real store parents would line up for returns…;)

  • Joy Pullmann

    Wonder how they handle returns.

  • Meredith

    Where is this store?!? I’ve been looking for one of these for YEARS!

  • Margarete

    Love it!

  • Kelly

    Very good to know, I don’t live to far away from there. I wonder if they take trade ins?

  • Jorie

    We had a primary child and three emergency backups, but anyone who lives in hurricane alley knows they should freshen supplies going into storm season. We spend a week on Hatteras Island every year – have you been to Buxton Village Books yet? I do an annual pilgrimage. LOVE it!

  • Chris in Va

    Do they sell on consignment?

  • Linda

    Love it!

  • Silly Old Mom

    Is that a comma after the D’s in “toddlers,” or a bug?

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