And here it is.

If you’ve have had, or now have, your student(s) part- or full-time in a classroom situation. were you able to use any resources/techniques/ideas from home schooling to help you customize your child’s situation? In what ways did the idea of a parent-directed education make you able to take charge of the classroom setting? Or the reverse–did you decide to take a more hands-off approach?

For a long time, I’ve heard from “afterschoolers” who use the Well-Trained Mind approach to do one or more subject at home in addition to a traditional school curriculum, and I’m also interested in hearing from you.

I have a theory that the home schooling movement is having a “ripple” effect that stretches far beyond the realm of traditional home educators. I’m curious to see whether I’m right.

You can post your stories here, or at our message boards (see the thread here) or, (if you’d rather be more private), you can email your thoughts to [email protected].

Thanks, gentle readers!

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