Scenes from Greece

We arrived in Athens Monday afternoon, on the almost-final leg of our trip (we’re stopping overnight in Paris on the way back, mostly to break up the flight). I’ve never been to [...]

Books by Susan Wise Bauer

The History of the Ancient World From the Earliest Accounts to the Fall of Rome “Bauer’s elegant prose and her command of much of the material makes this a wonderful starting point for [...]

About Susan Wise Bauer

Susan Wise Bauer has published numerous books, including The Well-Educated Mind (Norton, 2003), The Well-Trained Mind (Norton, 2004), and the Story of the World series (Peace Hill Press). [...]

Selected Articles

Whiteness’ (Part I) and ‘No Exit’ (Part II), Books & Culture, Sept/Oct and Nov/Dec 2000.  Featured in Arts & Letters Daily. God and Woman at Harvard,’ in The Best Christian [...]

History of the Ancient World

In 2003, I signed a contract with W. W. Norton to write a four-volume history of the world. The first volume, The History of the Ancient World, came out in March 2007. Check out the archives for [...]