Dear readers of this infrequently updated blog,

I’ll be blogging semi-regularly at Psychology Today about personalities of the past. Check it out here:

Welcome to the Past

If you’ve read my History of the World series, you’ll meet a few familiar faces…and you might also get a preview or two of the next volume of history…

By the way, I’m finding that I tend to post the things I used to post here (updates, random thoughts, etc.) on Facebook. So if you haven’t liked my page there, consider going over and doing that now.

Susan Wise Bauer on Facebook

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  • jon

    Always fascinating that we have this wonderful technology that makes everything distributed but then we tend towards the centralized. I’m not a facebook type of person – too much noise. But thanks for letting us know about Psychology Today!

  • Ian Evans

    Read Ancient world and finally have someone who can put it all together for me so I can understand the evolution of mankind. It was that introspective and healing.

  • Ian Evans

    Sorry about that, I meant Medieval World.

  • Ian Evans

    I have featured Susan’s writings and formed my own opinions on my Facebook page.

  • Ian Evans

    The Medieval World is much more than I thought. Simply because there is not enough known or understood about it.

  • Ian Evans

    ….Till I read this book..

  • David Westby

    Currently reading your “Renaissance World” entry in your World History series and just wondering if you are working on the next installment and when that might become available. Not to worry, though- I’ve enough books to occupy me until then.

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