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The first-fruits of the sabbatical

Hey, I’m not writing during August. (See below.) Look what I did instead!

My mother planted a huge garden this year and then went off to Seattle to visit my brother, leaving tomatoes dropping on the ground. So, rather than watching them rot, I canned them. I’ve helped my mother can all my life, but this is the first time (at the age of 38) that I’ve ever done it all by myself.

This must be how Emily (now six) feels when she manages to get her own hair into ponytails.

This not-writing thing is quite a lot of fun. I’ve canned tomatoes, started on Niall Ferguson’s The War of the World, gone exploring on my morning runs (instead of pelting around my set course and coming straight back), weeded the garden, and slept in.

Oh, and by the way…they’re BAAACK.