• OOOHH. Mel just brought me a big piece of warm chocolate cake so I can finish my galleys. I love my friends. #
  • Clarification for the puzzled: galleys are the first (very imperfect) version of the typeset pages. Have to be read and corrections made. #
  • Metaphor gone bad: Blues and Greens not like hockey fans who brawl at halftime. No halftime in hockey. (Editor apparently not hockey fan.) #
  • Ding, dong, the galleys are gone…la, la, la! #
  • Cooking dinner: Beef stew with bacon and rosemary, tomatoes and Swiss chard from the garden, apples from the orchard, buttermilk biscuits. #
  • I love deglazing. All the crispy bits on the bottom seem like waste until you splash in the wine and transform them. It's so redemptive. #
  • Watching a bulldozer make a road. #
  • soooo….ready….for…..bed….. #
  • Big day today: Finish up multiple projects before family vacation. Edit, write, organize, clean, pay bills. Will need much coffee/chocolate. #
  • Happy that we've launched our new store at Peace Hill Press: soft launch site is http://welltrainedmind.com/store. #
  • Assembling all permissions contracts for History of Medieval World into folder to ship off to permissions manager at Norton. ALMOST DONE. #
  • Celebrating Ben's sixteenth birthday. #
  • Heading to the Outer Banks. #

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  • Christina

    Friends are the best! Friends with chocolate cake are, well…the icing on the cake.
    Redemption is so good, the crispy bits or mine. They have a similar story.
    The way you talk about chocolate, we could be the same person. Oh, except you are a highly motivated, exceptional author, homeschooler, wonder-woman. Other than that, we are very much alike. Hey, I’m married to a pastor, too! That’s something else.
    Have a great time with your family.

  • strider

    I’ve never tried rosemary in a beef stew. I usually think of pairing it with chicken or with cheesy things. Do you mind sharing your beef stew recipe? I’m intrigued . . .

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