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  • Shelly

    Temporary for sure! That doesn’t look like a good place to practice in the winter!!

  • Justin

    He looks great! And now he’s loud enough to be a distraction. I’m just…just so…so very proud (chokes back a tear).

  • Keeley


    AWESOME! Did the horses like it? =)

    Looks like he’s wearing earphones while he’s drumming…was he drumming to his favourite song? I’d be interested to know what that was.

  • Jennifer King

    Makes me think of the funny scene in The Beatles’ movie Hard Day’s Night where Ringo along w/the other lads are playing in the middle of a field. Except in your photo there aren’t any army tanks surrounding your drummer.

  • Christina

    I have no brilliant comment to add, but that sure did make me laugh.

  • Kez

    Love it!

  • Di

    I remember commuting up Hwy 280 in the SF Bay Area and regularly seeing a teenager playing drums in an empty lot just the other side of the fence from the freeway. I could almost hear someone telling him, “Why don’t you go play on the freeway?” And there he was (-:

    And now Brennan is asking for drums. Yikes.

    Play on, sir. While the sun is shining.


  • Nancy

    Great use of the yard! Your creativity in peaceful solutions cracks me up!

  • Ben Bauer

    The acoustics were great out in the yard… And now it’s too cold. 🙁

  • Bethany

    brilliant, but definitely temporary, and too late in the season for michigan climates. i will have to remember that next summer. my own ben wants to get back into drumming (drums have been in storage for a while for reasons that may or may not be obvious), and the worship leader at church wants him to as well. (hmmm, she just lives down the road; maybe we can take his drums to *her* house and let him practice there…) we’re thinking about making some space in the laundry room, where at least we can close the door, and perhaps some of the sounds will be muffled by the mounds of dirty laundry…

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