…And the wait continues. My twenty-five author’s copies showed up this week, and Norton is now shipping to wholesalers, but since the official pub date of March 26 hasn’t arrived, no one’s selling the book. It’s like those last two weeks of pregnancy, where every day feels like it’s about seventy hours long, and you keep TELLING yourself that in the grand scheme of things it’s REALLY not that long to wait…which never worked when I was pregnant, and it’s not working now either.

In the meantime, I’m doing my duty as pastor’s wife, which this week included calling a square dance at church.

Somehow it never occurred to me that this would be part of the job.

And I’m writing (because that’s what I do). Working on the history of the medieval world, drafting out a writing program to use with my two oldest kids, doing a final round of dissertation revisions–I’m supposed to defend it in three weeks, although frankly I’m at the point where I feel like saying…Oh, just forget about it, it’s too much trouble. And the William & Mary doctoral robe doesn’t even have a hood. And it’s GREEN.

Anyway, by the end of March the dissertation will be defended, the book will be out, and I won’t even have thirty post-pregnancy pounds to lose. (Although maybe five or six post-dissertation pounds.)

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  • Kimber

    I was super excited when I read that you were drafting out a writing program to be used with your older two. I’m so confused about writing programs at the moment. I hope that this is something you plan to make available through Peace Hill Press for the public.

    I am constantly amazed at the amount of work you’re able to accomplish. Now if I could just keep up with my laundry, I’d be doing great.

    Good luck on the dissertation.

  • Jennifer in OR

    Susan, what a cool church building, love the open wood beams. I don’t know a thing about square dancing, but it looks like all are having a great time (and wishing each other peace?). Sounds like March is coming in like a lion – what an enormous amount of goings-on – but that means it should go out like a lamb…



  • JFS in IL

    Oh, that robe looks like it came straight from Hogwarts!

  • Crystal in NJ

    Baby number six is due March 27th for me and the days really are beginning to feel 70 hours long and it really IS that long to wait… Ugh.

    Thanks for sharing the ongoing progress of your impending arrival, it’s a nice diversion from mine. Congratulations!

  • Justin

    Oh, I do miss those square dances with y’all! That picture really took me back to college days…but i don’t feel too bad, since i hope to be there for the next one 🙂

  • The Tutor

    Huzzah! A light at the end of the tunnel.

    Now just to disconnect the phone and ignore the email with all the messages of “Are you done yet?”, “Is it out yet?”, “You’re STILL working on that?”

    Fun, huh?

  • Ashley

    Please, oh please, let me act as your guinea pig for your writing program! My daughter enjoys writing, but only if it’s creative in nature. She actually confessed to me last night, she had a nightmare that she was in college and COULDN’T write a book report. :o) Thanks for all of your hard work!

  • Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooksandMe

    I normally read your posts on Bloglines but I HAD to see the picture of the square dance. 🙂

  • Russ

    No hood? What’s the deal with that? Green’s not so bad – the University of Iowa gown is gold with black stripes. Makes graduates look like big bumble bees.

  • Rev. Jen

    Susan, I laughed out loud at your comment on calling the square dance. As a pastor who is now a pastor’s wife, I can totally relate to all the things we get roped..err, umm I meant to say “called”… into doing. I thought when I left formal church work to homeschool our kids five years ago that I had, well, left formal church work. Little did I know! Good luck on the defense. Hearing you makes me question my thoughts on going back for my D. Min. 🙂

  • Heather in VA

    Wow…that is one ugly robe. Why no hood? That is just not right. I do think that the green is better than the education color. Light blue. Contrast that with UVA orange and dark blue and it gets painful. At least no hood means no clash.

  • Kate CA

    But really the question is, does it come with matching tights and a utility belt? :+)


  • Lynn

    Aww, come on, guys! Think of it this way. Green is PERFECT! It’s the color God chose for the majority of our world, as it is the most RESTFUL, PEACEFUL, PLEASANT color upon which to gaze! Just think how serene you’ll look AND FEEL in the robe! And with nary a hood to block the view! Why, you can start lookin’ at it NOW to calm your nerves!!! LOL!
    Heartfelt congrats, and forget the Ides of March! Caesar should’ve listened, but that was his problem. This is YOUR day!!! Enjoy and take lotsa photos for us!!!!!!!!!!

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