As I promised in my last post, I watched the second half of Lance Armstrong’s interview. And no, he didn’t change my mind.

What was he thinking? What were his handlers thinking? What was Oprah thinking?

To hear my answers…check out my interview with the wonderful Irish talk show host Tome Dunne and the slightly more academic half-hour discussion I had with religion journalist Mark Pinsky and radio host Maureen Fiedler.

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  • Melissa in Australia

    In Australia many Libraries have shifter Lance Armstrong’s books from non-fiction to fiction

  • A Word With Penelope

    I was at a work party the other day and someone accidentally toppled our boss’s entire liquor cabinet, breaking EVERYTHING.
    I thought of this theme of the public apology, though it was in the context of all our work colleagues.

    My boss had to give him “permission” to not feel bad about it, and his duty was to respond with some, but not too much, groveling… interesting dynamic…

  • Cindy

    Wow, that must have been some party . . . . Up to that point!

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