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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

  • In Maryland visiting DH's folks, heading to Mrs. K's Tollhouse for lunch. #
  • DH and DS13 headed off to watch Maryland play Miami. #
  • Heading back to VA from MD. Hello, I-95, what horrors do you have in store today? #
  • Back home (and only one horror spot on I-95). Checking email for first time since Monday. Look, 249 unanswered! #
  • Heading to class. #
  • Tonight's students very engaged in discussion of "triggers" for writing fiction; less enthused by segregating, complex & parallel sentences. #
  • Heading out for a run before the snowstorm arrives. #
  • Trouble getting off the grid to write today. End of January = scutwork for the IRS. #
  • Reading up on the thrilling lives and times of the renaissance-era Sultans of Kashmir. #
  • Kids are doing the snow dance… #
  • Time to feed the horses, bring the dogs in, stop up the chicken house, and batten down the hatches. #
  • Snowing in Charles City. #
  • Falling at about an inch per hour, four inches since 5:30 AM. #
  • Ten inches on the ground and snow howling down, 21 degrees and temp falling, a good night for roast chicken & red wine with @melpmoore. #
  • Roast chicken & red wine followed by brownies, whipped up and in oven now (that would be @melpmoore's idea). #
  • Thank you, friendly Charles City game warden, for helping us push @melpmoore's car out of unplowed lane. #
  • Cousin just plowed the driveway. Glad I have relatives who own large farm machinery. #
  • Watching "Without Bias" with DH (UMD grad). Suddenly want to talk to DS18 in South Africa, but it's midnight there. #
  • "Without Bias": people struggling to find some sort of story arc in tragedy. Of COURSE there has to be a reason for catastrophe; see? #

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