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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-03

  • Xmas vacation: Ate many cookies & much prime rib & lobster; played multiple board games; slept; watched DVDs. (Firefly: best writing EVER.) #
  • Just spent the morning putting all 2010 commitments on the calendar. Whew. #
  • DD9 and I went out three times today to ride her pony. Each time got about 100 feet away from house, felt below-freezing wind, retreated. #
  • Husband has just staggered in from trip to see the Terps play the Tribe. About which, the less said the better. #
  • Enjoying traditional Wise-Bauer New Year Eve: Twilight Zone marathon, pajamas, cheese and chocolate fondues with lots of stuff to dunk. #
  • Wish the sun would come out. #
  • Oldest son's college apps FINISHED! Transcript, narrative course descriptions, recommendations, letter explaining how well-adjusted he is… #
  • And…just finished shopping w/oldest son for final travel stuff. Backpack, mosquito net, sunscreen, insect repellent, water purifier… #
  • Dinner with good friends, cold outside, warm inside. #

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