Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

In Maryland visiting DH's folks, heading to Mrs. K's Tollhouse for lunch. # DH and DS13 headed off to watch Maryland play Miami. # Heading back to VA from MD. Hello, I-95, what horrors do [...]

Well, check this out

I pre-ordered a copy of The History of the Medieval World from months ago, back when the book went into production (I always do this, just to keep tabs on availability). Today I get [...]

Baby pictures!

No, not that kind. My author’s copies of The History of the Medieval World arrived! SOOO pretty… Ooh, and look at them TOGETHER… Really a lovely design job–same look as [...]

And the semester begins

Starting tomorrow, I’m teaching a once-a-week creative writing class at William & Mary. I’m not a tenure-track academic; by the time I’d finished my first graduate degree, [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-17

Back to work this morning. Still slightly peeved that New Orleans was colder than Virginia in January. # DD9's pony bears an increasingly strong resemblance to a goat. With a big hairy beard. [...]

Consider one of the following.

This is my friend Claude, who came from Haiti in the 1970s under the sponsorship of my parents, who met him while they were working on a medical mission in Haiti. Claude lived with us for years [...]

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