Musings on Amazon (etc.), again

Yesterday was my day to run around in Williamsburg with the kids and do errands in time to avoid the massive First Night crowds which are even now descending on the ‘burg. We did grocery [...]

Now this is a good idea

I’m back from my off-the-grid Christmas week. Much more rested, ready to get back to work, and…er…five pounds heavier. It is just cosmically unfair that it’s even POSSIBLE [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-20

PW review of History of the Medieval World is a good one! # Psyching up for last week of work/school before Christmas [...]

…But a good one is still nice.

This morning’s New York Times repeated some of the same points I made in my post about the closure of Kirkus: Booksellers gave mixed reviews about Kirkus’s influence. Some said they read [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-13

And…the voice is gone. Time to crack out the referee's whistle. # According to doctor I had flu, not cold, and now have post-flu-complication. At least can rule out middle age as cause [...]

Kirkus closes, author yawns

In book-publishing news this week: Kirkus Reviews is closing up shop. If you’re not in the book business, you’ve probably never seen Kirkus. It’s one of the industry [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-06

Monday morning=family day. Bowling? Christmas-tree selection? Settlers? Slug-like posture on sofa w/cookies? Decisions… # Morning: Settlers plus brownies. This afternoon: Fantastic Mr. Fox [...]