While I’m waiting for the History of the Medieval World‘s final production step (Norton usually sends me the index to proof just before the book goes to the printed), I’m in one [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-25

If any W'burgers are headed to the Blue Talon, be sure to order amazing pastry chef Michelle's new Sweet Cheese Plate. I feel human again. # My day off. So what am I doing? Heading to the [...]

Goodbye, giant tree

Sad week: we had to take down the giant maple tree between the house and my chicken shed office. The tree was planted by my mother’s foster parents before she was born, so it’s [...]

My other blog

My brother Bob (super-tech/father of brand-new twins) has been suggesting for at least a year that I start a new blog over at for topics that are purely home-school related: [...]

Flap copy

If you want to preview the flap copy for the upcoming book, read on (and please forgive the self-promotion, it’s what we writers do.) A History of the Medieval World From the Conversion of [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-11

I remember training young horse at age 15: Woo hoo! Now at 41: Better put cell phone in pocket so ambulance can be summoned quickly. # Today's family day project: Cleaning DD8's room from [...]

Writing at the Library of Congress

Yesterday I got a Reader Identification Card at the Library of Congress. I’ve lived near D.C. most of my life, and I’ve never been to the Library of Congress. I’ve done research [...]

The History Factory

And now an alternative career, for when I get tired writing my own books. From today’s Washington Post: …Bruce Weindruch, founder of a D.C. area business called the History [...]

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