The sleep experiment

Last week I finished the final edits on The History of the Medieval World and celebrated by feeding myself some brain candy. Hey, if I don’t read Glamour occasionally, how will I ever know [...]

Susan and the index

So last week’s task–one which pulled me away from finishing the edits on the History of the Medieval World (a job that seems to be stretching into infinity, but that’s another [...]

When databases turn rogue

I’m a fan of As a reader, I find it satisfying that I can search and find almost any title, even out-of-print ones. As a writer, I’m relieved that readers can find me even [...]


At the suggestion of my tech-savvy brother, I’m now Twittering. Sign up and search for my user name (SusanWiseBauer) if you’d like to add me–or just use this link. On work days, [...]