The limits of multitasking

It’s been nearly a week since my last post, which is a reflection not necessarily of how hard I’m working, but how many different KINDS of things I’ve had to do. I’m [...]

And the manuscript goes off!

Over the weekend I finished the final revision of the ART OF THE PUBLIC GROVEL for Princeton University Press. Today I burned all the files onto a disk, printed it out (the subtitle is temporary, [...]

The geek-fan in me comes out

I’m a little slow on the uptake, obviously, but I’ve just discovered that Orson Scott Card READ MY BOOK. And commented about it on his blog. Here’s what he says: “Susan [...]

Happy New Year

Tomorrow I’ve got to get moving on some tasks for the Princeton book upcoming…but tonight we enjoyed our usual New Year’s Eve tradition of watching the Twilight Zone marathon [...]