Meanwhile, back on the farm…

Writing is a weird job. You find yourself looking foward to each publication milestone–the book’s appearance in the publisher’s catalog, the arrival of the first galleys, the [...]

Quick Addendum

Dear readers, I would NEVER tell you to go rearrange the shelves at Barnes & Noble. No, I would not. Oh, no, certainly not.

Time for carbo-loading

Although everyone keeps saying, “You must be thrilled!” I’m suffering from serious post-dissertation-defense limpness. (My good friend Lauren says, “Doesn’t it feel [...]

“Congratulations, Doctor”

That’s really what they say when you pass the defense. Yes, it’s all done. Whew. Actually too tired to feel elated, right this minute…but I’m getting ready to meet Pete [...]

Oh, good grief.

Until this very moment, I did not realize that I have actually scheduled my dissertation defense for the Ides of March. SOOTHSAYER: Beware the ides of March. CAESAR: What man is that? BRUTUS: A [...]