Well, what d’you know.

Much to my surprise, the History of the Ancient World now seems to be shipping from online sites, four weeks ahead of the publication date. You can buy it from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books [...]

The Third Review

From Library Journal, which is the third of the Big Three industry journals (the other two being PW and Booklist): ** Bauer (American literature, Coll. of William & Mary; The Well-Educated [...]

Baby pictures!

In a way, that is. Last night UPS delivered a square package from Norton–my first copy of the History of the Ancient World, straight off the presses. TA DAAA!! It still won’t be [...]

Getting ready for spring touring

This week my assistant booked my first flight of the year, which means that the spring travel season is approaching (although it doesn’t LOOK like spring is near at the moment). As a matter [...]