It’s ba-a-ack, redux

Yesterday, without warning, a HUGE cardboard box arrived on the porch, courtesy of the FedEx man (who has not been warned about the existence of the omnivorous beagle). Yes, the copy-edited [...]

Journey to the West Coast

I’ve been travelling and speaking again–this week to an education conference in Kelowna, British Columbia, which has a beautiful lake and mountains. I don’t get to go to Canada [...]

Lecturing, panelling, and parties…

I’m back from Philadelphia, where I guest-lectured at Westminster Theological Seminary, sat on a panel about education, and made plans for BookExpoAmerica. And I forgot my camera. So a few [...]

A multitude of details and duties

The news of the weekend: Sarah Dunning Park, my wonderful map-artist, has finished all 99 maps. I’ll be sending the hard copies on to Norton for copyediting next week, after which [...]