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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-01

  • At UVA Parent Orientation while DS18 off doing First-Year Orientation. So far, much more helpful than anticipated. #
  • Difficulty balancing obligation to go to all orientation sessions w/desire to wander around C'ville holding hands w/husband. #
  • It is much more exhausting to be a parent of a college freshman than to BE a college freshman. #
  • Once again I have not read a single title on the Booker shortlist. #
  • Baskin-Robbins chocolate soda w/peanutbutter-chocolate icecream, basil pesto with homemade pasta: summer is good despite triple-digit temps. #
  • Guises and Bourbons and de Medicis, oh my. #
  • Francis, Duke of Guise, was assassinated with a pistol "loaded with poisoned balls." How do you poison balls?? #
  • Today is a day of many meetings. Which was fun for Frodo but doesn't promise to be fun for me. #
  • A cool morning makes me feel like a new person. #
  • Working on Thirty Years' War. Teeny lingering optimism about human nature not destroyed by History of Medieval World now eradicated. #

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