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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-03

  • Now have 3 separate plane reservations for tomorrow. ONE has to take off. #
  • Don't look now, but I might actually get out of Chicago this morning. #
  • Hello, house! I'll say this for being stranded: it makes being home & doing laundry positively JOYFUL (temporarily, anyway). #
  • My joy in the laundry has faded, alas. #
  • Finished last creative writing class at W&M. Getting ready for the Smithsonian this weekend: #
  • Pausing in prep for highly intellectual Smithsonian lecture to observe that Galaxy Quest is the GREATEST MOVIE EVER. #
  • Survived Smithsonian, survived Sunday. Shipwrecked on sofa, eating chocolate and thinking how useful it would be to go clean stalls. Ehh… #

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