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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-18

  • Home, home, home! Kissed the children, fed the horses, weeded the herb garden. Now making ravioli w/a glass of Dynamite cab to hand. #
  • Turned horses out in (unfenced) front field this morning to eat spring grass. They haven't lifted their heads/moved more than 15 ft so far. #
  • Packing up for sales conference. #
  • In New York. Beautiful clear cool day. Great for walking around the city. Or, alternately, for staying in pajamas and writing all day. #
  • Dinner tonight at La Grenouille ( Long ways from the farm. Strong feeling of visiting from an alien planet. #
  • Getting ready to go down to Cornell Club and present new Peace Hill Press books to Norton reps. Am wishing I had different shoes with me. #
  • Just finished sales presentation while wearing original shoes. Went pretty well anyway. #
  • Up early, working on grammar for middle-grade writers. #
  • I forgot how much I hate the Delta terminal at LaGuardia. Just wiped some else's lipstick off my glass at Sports Bar (only place to sit). #
  • It's warm in Virginia, the azaleas are blooming, the pony is playing tag with the German shepherd, the kids are sitting on the roof singing. #
  • Promised kids a family day. Braving Busch Gardens for the first time this year. #
  • We survived the Old Country. #
  • Up in the middle of the night catching beagles. (Nothing sounds more unearthly than an agitated beagle in the 2 AM darkness.) #

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