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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24

  • DS18 has arrived safely at Phalaborwa. (Huge sigh of relief.) #
  • DS18 texts: "Have been pooped on by monkey, bitten twice, put hand in strange white goo, best day ever." He's at #
  • Just got the first author's copy of the History of the Medieval World from Norton. Soo….pretty…. #
  • DS16 and DS13 are doing after-breakfast Latin, DD9 is eating oatmeal. As she has been. For the last forty-five minutes. Same bowl. #
  • Preparing to teach first class of spring semester at W&M. Suddenly think: I have 18yo. I am LITERALLY old enough to be my students' mother. #
  • Heading off the grid to investigate the life of Pratap Singh of Mewar. #
  • Back on the grid. Sheesh, work is complicated. Might head off the grid again and breathe very deeply. #
  • Cooking lessons. DS13: baking peanutbutter shortbread. DD9: carrot/apple/oat horse treats. Me: caramelizing carrots & onions for pea soup. #
  • I am writing catalog copy. I HATE WRITING CATALOG COPY. It makes my frontal lobes hurt. #
  • Ooh, a shout-out (kind of) from the New Yorker: #
  • DS18 called from South Africa. He's feeding bugs to bushbabies & frozen rats to giant owls & a baby monkey called Heidi thinks he's Mom. #
  • Can't find a place to grab a bite mid-research. Why are there so many people in Williamsburg tonight? It's January, for crying out loud. #
  • That was a long day. Kids and farmwork all morning, research in the history of Renaissance-era Central Asia all afternoon & most of evening. #
  • Look! It's Sunday morning and it's NOT raining! #
  • Sundays are not rest days. :-) #

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