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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-05

  • Family day: no phone, no email, no business, many cookies. #
  • Watching Bruce Greenwood in “Nowhere Man.” That was a brilliantly written series. And, naturally, very short-lived. #
  • Today: taking kids to Science Museum of VA and the Imax “Sharks” film. #
  • German shepherd puppy: housebroken, sweet natured, smart. Border collie puppy: mess-producing evil maniac. #
  • Extra-productive day inevitably followed by day that accomplishes absolutely nothing. Guess which one today is. #
  • Nothing like meeting new friends: kindred spirits, likeminded, sharp, hospitable…and getting ready to move to Turkey. #
  • Today I really AM going to go off the grid and write. As long as all those politicians keep their pants on till tomorrow. #
  • Wrote a LOT today. Now I’m eating carbohydrates. #
  • I should NOT make homemade whoopie pies after a long day of work. The whoopie pie, c’est moi. #
  • Check out our redesign:http:// #
  • July in Virginia and it’s 62 degrees! Heading out to ride the giant frisky draft horse before kids get up. #
  • Draft horse is like enormous goldfish: no memory. Mailbox at end of lane is a terrifying surprise every time. #
  • Using part of the The War of the Worlds for Writing With Ease: Workbook 4. Those Martians are amazingly gross. #
  • Joys of self-employment: Today’s a holiday?? Really??? #
  • There’s a lizard in my office. #
  • Time to pack my bag and go work up at the house. It’s not that I’m scared of the lizard, I just can’t SEE him. #
  • Looks like it might rain, and high time: in the fields, the corn leaves are rolled up like cigars. #

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