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New book update

The History of the Medieval World has just appeared on Amazon! This always makes the book seem much more real to me…despite the fact that there’s still production work to be done.

In other book news: the third edition of The Well-Trained Mind (the tenth-anniversary edition) is now shipping from Peace Hill Press, Barnes & Noble, and other booksellers. Weirdly, it’s not shipping from Amazon yet. Who can say why?

I’ve got two more titles upcoming: Workbook 3 and Workbook 4 in the Writing With Ease series, completing our elementary-grade writing program and due out in August and January, respectively.

And after that, I’ll let you know. I’ve been working at a completely ridiculous pace and it’s time to carefully plan out the next projects. And read some novels. And take the dogs to obedience training. And do all the paperwork for the new wetlands in the front field. And paint the barn. And…