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And to all a good night.

I finished the edits, I printed it out (950 pages, finished around midnight), I sent it overnight to Norton. Time for Christmas vacation. I’ll be back after Christmas with updates. * The Mother Of God by William Butler Yeats The threefold terror of love; a fallen flare Through the hollow of an ear; Wings beating […]

The tale of two books, a publisher in trouble, and a pending nervous breakdown

A couple of weeks ago I finished proofing and sent back to Norton the galleys for the third edition of The Well-Trained Mind. The last edition is nearly five years old, and in five years books and curricula change and go out of print, so we had to replace some of our previous recommendations. This […]

The Well-Trained Mind, third edition, galleys

I opened the box. Guess that takes care of next week’s free time…

Books from Princeton and Spain

Yesterday, two boxes of new books arrived in the same mail delivery. The smaller package was my hot-off-the-press copy of The Art of the Public Grovel, which is now shipping from the Princeton University Press warehouse to booksellers (so it will be a little longer before it actually can be BOUGHT). I guess it’s wrong […]

Another exciting week at the old writing desk…

Having finished proofing the indexing to The Art of the Public Grovel, I settled myself in last week to an equally exciting task: writing up the revisions for the tenth anniversary edition of The Well-Trained Mind (due out in February 2009). For those of you who don’t know, The Well-Trained Mind was the first book […]

Indexing. (Insanely interesting. Really.)

So the next job in getting the Princeton book out: reading through the index. Every publishing contract I’ve signed gives me two options: prepare the index myself, or else allow the publisher to hire a professional indexer and have half the costs deducted from my royalties. On my first book, I checked around with my […]

Proofreading galleys (aka Crossed Eyes)

When I came back from L.A., the first pass proofs of the Art of the Public Grovel were waiting for me. (Those of who’ve been reading this blog for a while may remember the arrival of the first pass galleys for the History of the Ancient World.) So I’ve spent this week reading carefully through […]

Catalog page! Catalog page!

Check out the Princeton University Press catalog page for the Art of the Public Grovel!

Yes, grey and gray are two different colors.

After struggling with the copyedits on the Art of the Public Grovel, I got exasperated and begged the good folks at Princeton to PLEASE assign another editor to the project. (I was actually coping with the multiple rewrites, although my red-pencilled STETS were growing darker and bigger as my pencil dug deeper and deeper into […]

New book cover!!!

I’m very pleased to say that Princeton has done a GREAT cover for my upcoming book. My editor just emailed me the file. You know, somehow I never imagined that my name would end up under that particular picture. You’ll note, by the way, that after we considered all the subtitles you so kindly provided, […]